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Neubi -the Breathing Otter

Neubi -the Breathing Otter

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Your cuddly companion with a magical touch!

With every gentle squeeze, this enchanting otter comes to life, rhythmically rising and falling just like a real creature taking a serene breath. Perfect for anyone seeking  comforting bedtime buddy or adults in need of a moment of relaxation, the Breathing Otter is more than just a plush toy.

Neubi captivates both young and old alike. Its fluffy fur invites tender hugs, while its soulful eyes convey a sense of tranquility and warmth. As you hold it close, you'll feel a soothing sense of calm wash over you, transporting you to a serene oasis where worries melt away.

Every Baby's Favourite!

Whether nestled on a bedside table, perched on a desk, or snuggled during bedtime stories, the Breathing Otter brings a touch of magic to any space. Its gentle breathing motion serves as a reminder to slow down, take a deep breath, and appreciate the simple joys of life.

Perfect for children seeking a comforting bedtime buddy or adults in need of a moment of relaxation, the Breathing Otter is more than just a plush toy—it's a cherished companion that spreads joy and comfort wherever it goes.

Gives an Emotional Support!

The soft and cuddly nature of the otter plush toy combined with its breathing motion can provide emotional support and comfort during times of sadness or loneliness.

Improves Sleep: For some people, having a soothing and comforting object like a Breathing Otter plush toy can improve sleep quality by creating a calming bedtime routine.

Mama's Choice!🤱

Interacting with the Breathing Otter plush toy encourages mindfulness by promoting awareness of the present moment and fostering a sense of connection with the object.

Health Benefits:

Breathing exercises are often recommended in therapeutic practices for managing various conditions such as anxiety, PTSD, and ADHD. The Breathing Otter plush toy can serve as a gentle introduction to these techniques, especially for children.

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